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Recommendations for Company Name Check in Singapore

Deciding on a company name can be difficult, because there are a lot of factors to take in such as the simplicity, the branding message and whether it suits the industry niche you're in.

We understand your dilemma, and thus we provide a few recommendations that you may consider during your search in the company name you're after.

- Keep it simple
A company name does not need to be complex, it just has to be short and iconic so when your brand grows, it sticks in the mind of consumers more easily than the product itself.

- Make it stand out
That is correct, there are hundreds of company names nowadays and only a few stands out from the rest of the competition. By using simple words and rebranding it to fit your company, you will be able to capture the minds of the consumers with everyday words.

- Keep it clean
What this means is that it does not infringe any trademark rights, does not present itself as vulgar or obscene and not being similar or identical to current existing companies.

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