5 Documents and Certificates for Incorporated Companies

5 Documents and Certificates for Incorporated Companies

14 Oct 2021 | Business, Incorporation

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Certification for Incorporated companies

Though it can be quite a hassle, keeping and maintaining documents help to serve as tangible proof of your development with the approval of the state government. Official certificates and documents can help you get licensed to form your company and carry out your business plans.

According to Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), there are several certificates available for purchase by incorporating companies. Read on to find out which certificates you should get for your company.

Certificate of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing is a document that certifies your current status as a registered company in Singapore. It includes the company’s number, activities and description, date and receipt, and the ACRA registrar’s scanned signature. This certificate can be purchased by the public and validates live companies. 

The cost of this certificate is affordable, at $11 per copy. However, you should take note that this certificate is subject to availability to members of the public. 

Click here for a sample of the Certificate of Good Standing.

Certificate of Confirming Registration or Incorporation of Identity

The confirming certificate gives accredited registered entities in the country. However, do take note that while the structure of your company is approved, registrations are filed under governing agencies. Certificates to buy essential details such as the effective date of the incorporated company. The types of registration certificates are as follows:

  1. Incorporation of company
  2. Registration of Business Name
  3. Registration of Limited Liability Partnership
  4. Registration of Limited Partnership
  5. Registration of Foreign Company

Samples of the registration certificates above can be found on the ACRA website. This certificate costs $50.

Certificate Confirming Registration of Charge

This certifies that a charge has been made after an entity has registered a charge with ACRA. It includes authentication number, signature, business profile and charged identification. It also covers debentures created by your company. Since most companies will have to confirm their registration with ACRA, this will be a good certificate to have.

This certificate costs $50.

Certificate of Confirming Approval to Hold Land Under Section 23 (5)

If you have this certificate, it means that you are allowed to hold land under Section 23 (5). This section includes most businesses establishments and land. However, do note that some entities may have to follow some specific conditions. Each certificate costs $50 and only position holders and the authorised filing agents of the entity can view and purchase this after logging in to BizFile+.

This certificate costs $50.

Certificate of Conversion (Entity and Company Type)

Though it will not be necessary for every company to get certificates of conversion, the following confirms the conversion of the company structure and business entities. 

This certificate legitimises the following conversions:

  • From Business to Limited Liability Partnership.
  • From Company to Limited Liability Partnership.
  • From Limited Company to Unlimited company.
  • From Private Company to Public Company.
  • From Public Company to Private Company.
  • From Unlimited Company to Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • From Unlimited Company to Company Limited by Shares.

The cost of getting this certificate is $50 for both entity types and company types.

Getting certification

These are just several of the certifications under ACRA. To find out more about certification, head over to ACRA’s website to take a look at what other certificates you can purchase from them.

If you need any help with ACRA-related matters or other paperwork, be sure to reach out to our experienced team at Margin Wheeler who will be able to sort it all out for you.