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Trademarks are vital symbols that distinguish businesses and protect intellectual property assets. They play a crucial role in differentiating goods or services and have legal implications.

Margin Wheeler offers a cost-effective solution for trademark applications, supporting your marketing strategies to enhance brand recall. Avoid the high costs associated with expedited registration by choosing our services.

Benefits of Registering a Trademark

At Margin Wheeler, we provide affordable and exceptional trademark application services for businesses in Singapore. When you choose our services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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Quality Assurance

A registered trademark provides customers with a guarantee of quality, signifying official recognition by the IPOS for your business and services.


Trademarks protect your unique products/services from unauthorized use, preserving your market value and goodwill.

Legal Rights

A trademark grants you exclusive control over a distinctive identifier for your business, enabling swift resolution of disputes and protecting your brand from imitations and infringements.

Int. Legal Protection

Trademark applications in Singapore offer businesses the security to enforce their trademark rights in over 80 countries, safeguarding against unauthorised use in a competitive market.

How to identify a Trademark

Commonly used symbols to identify a trademark are ® and . The two symbols are different in the following ways:

  • ® indicates that the logo, phrase, or word attached to it possess a valid trademark registration, is protected under trademark laws, and can only be used by the owner of the trademark license.
  • to a logo, phrase, or word identifies that the mark is being used as an identifier for specific products or services made available by the owner. However, the mark is not necessarily registered or protected under trademark laws and can be used by any business or persons.

Our Trademarking experts can assist you through the correct process to register a trademark!