5 Tips To Get Traffic to your Online Store

5 Tips To Get Traffic to your Online Store

13 Jan 2022 | Others

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Getting traffic to your online store

Though setting up an online store can be cheaper than having an actual retail store, e-commerce also comes with its own set of problems to solve –  one being how to get traffic to your store. With the popularity of e-commerce, it is not good enough to just have a website up and going. To be successful, you need to know how to get more visitors to your online store.

If you are in search of methods to increase traffic, here are some tips that you can try to use.


  • Ad campaigns on social media


Since your store is online, your marketing methods should be made online as well. Paid social media ads can put your business right in front of targeted customers and convince them to click through to your website. Furthermore, algorithms create tailor-made ads to customers which creates more incentive for them to click through.

Popular platforms you can consider include Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with a dynamic advertising platform that allows you to target users based on different factors such as interests, behaviour, location, and more.

If your target audience is millennials, Instagram is a social media platform that you can consider using. With its generally younger age range of active users, it would be ideal for businesses that have younger target audiences. They allow companies to feature their advertisements through both stories and posts. If you already have a good following on Instagram, take advantage of their advertising opportunities to boost your platform even further.


  • Using SEO


For the uninitiated, SEO stands for search engine optimization – a method in which optimize your site to appear on first organic results on search engines such as Google. Statistics have shown that one-third of all clicks go to the first organic result, whereas those that are lower on the page or further pages get significantly lower clicks. To increase more traffic to your site, ensure that you are familiar with how popular search engine algorithms work and apply the structure to your site.


  • Influencer marketing


For small businesses, getting large celebrities to endorse your brand will probably be out of your budget. However, you can look to influencer marketing, which has been popularised with the rise of social media. You can form relationships with them to get your brand and store in front of new audiences. This can come in the form of sending them PR boxes of your new items. This way, you can harness their creativity and leverage the trust that they have already formed with their audience. 


  • Hold contests and giveaways


We Singaporeans always appreciate free things – and you can leverage this to get a boost in traffic to your store as well. Though it will likely show a short-term boost in numbers, holding contests and giveaways are a stepping stone for your to introduce yourself to new customers.  

Viral contests and giveaways can always drive more traffic to your store, especially if the prize is something exciting. They are powerful incentives to get both new and old customers to visit your store. 


  • Content marketing


Creating engaging and informative content can help you to attract your customers organically to the store. Content such as podcasts, videos, and guides are just a few of the types of content you can produce, be creative and find new ways for your business to branch out and capture more audiences.

Though you may not see any direct implications of content marketing, it can help position your business as an industry leader and help create a lifestyle around your brand. Expand your horizons and create any type of resource you think may be helpful to your customer. 

Lastly, content marketing allows you to take advantage of using keywords other than the ones associated with your brand and products. Sites like Google Keyword Planner can help you identify opportunities for your business to rank high in search results.

Increasing clicks to your store

With these tips, you should be more ready to tackle the e-commerce scene and boost your online store. If you ever expand and need help with paperwork or other administrative and HR issues, feel free to drop us a text on WhatsApp or give us a call for help.