8 Best Co-working Spaces in Singapore

8 Best Co-working Spaces in Singapore

20 Dec 2023 | Others

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Co-working spaces in Singapore

All of us know how our working spaces affect our work – being in environments full of colour and personality often puts us in a better headspace to get work done. If you’re looking for something different other than your office walls or home set-up, here are some of the co-working spaces in Singapore you can visit. 

What is a co-working space?

Co-working spaces are shared working spaces that are a happy medium between office spaces and cafes. They provide many office-like amenities such as hot desks, meeting rooms and pantries stocked with food and coffee. 

These spaces are often frequented by entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take advantage of these co-working spaces’ flexibility and low cost. Instead of having to rent out an entire office space, you can just rent out what you need instead. Various membership models allow one to pick and choose according to their budget.

1.  JustCo

JustCo is Optimistic on the Future of Flexible Workspaces as Demand Rises  in the New Normal - Singapore Coworking Space & Hot Desking Office | JustCo

Image credit: JustCo

Ergonomic furniture and a fully-stocked pantry aside, JustCo’s entertainment room redefines what it means to have a work-life balance. You’ll find a ping pong table and arcade room for you to take a quick break between meetings and after work.

JustCo has 19 locations all around Singapore, many with easy access to gyms, bars and MRT stations for added convenience. Prices start from $98 a month for one hot desk space and go up to $800 a month for a private studio. Bookings and bills can be made easily through their app, which even gives you discounts on partnering F&B merchants. 

Location: 19 locations in Singapore

Price: From $98 a month

2.  Found8

Found8 Coworking Amoy | Singapore

Image credit: Found8

Homegrown brand Found8 was formed from the union of Collision8 and Found, former co-working spaces. Like many other co-working spaces, you’ll be able to find comfortable furniture and a pantry area with basic amenities. But what makes them stand out are the perks that they offer to their members.

Besides a comfy workspace and unlimited snacks, you’ll get access to a network of potential clients, collaborators and startups. You can make connections with various strategic advisors, and attend exclusive member-only events and programmes too. 

Location: Amoy Street, Anson Road and High Street Centre

Price: From $97 a month

3.  Trehaus

Trehaus Launches Funan Coworking Space With Preschool

Image credit: Vulcan Post

Finding time to spend with your child while balancing a full-time job is a problem I’m sure many parents struggle with. As Singapore’s only child-friendly co-working space, you’ll be able to check up on your kids while getting your work done.

Your little ones will be in good hands with the child-minding services that Trehaus offers, along with other activities like painting and sensory play. Meanwhile,  parents can focus on their work in their adult-only sanctuary powered by high-speed wifi and a fully-stocked pantry. As an added bonus, members can also use their address as a registered mailing address.

Location: Orchard Road’s Claymore Connect

Price: From $165 a month for 3 adults and 3 children

4.  The Hive

Flexible Offices & Coworking | The Hive Asia Pacific

Image credit: The Hive

If you thought that co-working spaces were only for office professionals, think again. The Hive at Lavendar boasts two professional photography studios along with photographer booths, a crew pace and a lounge for photographers and other creatives. Even if you aren’t creative, their space at One Carpenter has 6 storeys of offices for you to choose from, along with a rooftop cafe boasting a scenic view of the Marina Bay area.

Besides functional amenities and beautiful views, members are also given access to Hive workspaces in locations all around the world, including Hong Kong and Bangkok. Budding entrepreneurs will also be able to attend both formal and informal events hosted in the area.

Location: Carpenter Street and Lavender

Price: From $250 a month

5.  The General Room

The General Room | Book Space

Image credit: The General Room

One could easily mistake The General Room to be a first-class airport lounge instead of a co-working space. The black walls pair nicely with the classy metallic finishings, giving it an air of opulence. 

Located conveniently in 111 Somerset, they offer both cubicle offices and individual hotdesks, as well as spaces for meetings and discussions. Their photocopying services and high-speed Wifi ensure that you’ll be able to focus on your work without any hiccups as well.

Location: 111 Somerset

Price: From $30 a month

6.  Distrii

Distrii Singapore Coworking & Flexible WorkSpace with Smart Technology

Image credit: Distrii

We’ve all heard of smart homes, but what about smart offices? Distrii’s co-working space is centred around their in-house mobile app, a cloud-based system that works as your access key along with other functions such as making bookings and organising meetings. You can even use it to make connections with other professionals on the app too.

When it comes to infrastructure, Distrii has over 900 workstations for you to work from and house breakout spaces with foot massage mats and exercise bikes all available for you to use. They also have in-house coffee from Mellower Coffee located at level one of their space.

Location: Republic Plaza

Price: From $550 a month

7. The Common Ground

Coworking | The Common Ground | Singapore

Image credit: The Common Ground

While most co-working spaces are tailored to the office crowd, The Common Ground takes it up a notch with their co-working out space. Tailored to the needs of gym sessions, dance lessons and other fitness events, this space is ideal for fitness entrepreneurs who don’t want to rent out space permanently.

The Common Ground also has spaces that you can rent out for both individual work and meetings too. They even have a Dedicated Workspace plan that gives you a permanent space of your own.

Location: Arumugam Road

Price: From $250 a month

8.  Spaces

Five reasons why you'll want to consider coworking - Spaces

Image credit: Spaces

Night owls will be glad to know that there are actually co-working spaces out there open 24/7 – Spaces being one of them. With most of its 6 outlets located centrally, you can pop in at any time of the day to get the job done.

First started in Amsterdam, this co-working space has several flexible plans that you can choose from, starting from as low as $50 a month for a desk and locker. You can even join their Business Club to connect with other professionals as well. 

Locations: City Hall, Clarke Quay, Robinson, Somerset and Paya Lebar

Price: From $50 a month

Comfortable working spaces

No matter the type of business you are in, you will be able to find a co-working space on this list that fits your needs and budget.