Why You Should Let Margin Wheeler Handle Your Accounting

Why You Should Let Margin Wheeler Handle Your Accounting

27 Aug 2021 | Accounting

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What we do at Margin Wheeler

Setting up your own company isn’t all sunshine and rainbows –  long working hours and mountains of paperwork can make it hard, especially if you are doing it alone.

That’s why you need good business partners that will help you achieve success and reach your goal. As an accounting firm, Margin Wheeler will help you get there with our services. We help take care of issues from bookkeeping to tax compliance while you focus on what matters – your business.

If you are searching for an accounting firm, here are some reasons why you should engage Margin Wheeler.

Hands-on approach from a professional team

We take pride in hiring qualified professionals with years of experience. Our team comprises former auditors who left their high-flying careers at large corporate organizations to be a part of our dynamic and energetic team. This ensures that our clients get the best solutions they need to achieve remarkable goals and make meaningful progress in their businesses.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to communicate with a robot that doesn’t understand your needs or is unable to solve problems for you. That’s why we attach a relationship manager to all our clients. 

“Working with Margin Wheeler has been a breeze! My relationship manager is friendly, patient and professional. I know I’m in good hands by engaging their service.” – Nosh Review 

Local service

We live and breathe corporate services in Singapore – only in Singapore. Some may think it strange that we decide not to expand overseas. However, we like to think that one has to be on the ground to know the ground. 

By staying local, we ensure that we are 100% familiar with what you need to be compliant to in Singapore, such as ACRA and IRAS compliances and CPF contributions for employees. If you are not familiar with compliances, here are some you will need to take note of:

Instant paperwork

Our brand new proprietary document management system personalizes your paperwork instantly. Now you won’t have to wait days for your paperwork to be prepared. For added convenience, you can even request for your documents to be delivered to your house or office to sign.

8 key areas of expertise

We have eight key areas of expertise – incorporation, corporate secretary, accounting, audit, work visa services, taxation, HR and administration and trademark. 

Our incorporation services help you set up your company from scratch for those who are unsure about how to start your business. We also help foreign companies look for nominee directors for their Singapore-based businesses.

All companies in Singapore are required to appoint a company secretary to handle online statutory compliance matters such as ACRA and IRAS compliance. Our service fee this service is priced affordably at $500 annually, with no hidden costs.

Our accounting services take care of bookkeeping, cloud accounting, financial statements, XBRL Filing and onsite accounting. You’re a business owner, not an accountant, so hand over all your accounting to us!

Audit services provide qualified and professional third party opinions on matters ranging from internal audits to even lucky draws. We take care of matters such as statutory audit, sales and rental audit, charity audit and lucky draw audit.

If your company is looking to hire foreigners, we offer a full spectrum of work visa services. These include coordination and liaison services that will be taken care of from start to end. These services are available for Work Permits, Skill Pass, Employment Pass and Entrepreneur Pass. 

Handling taxes can be taxing (pun intended). If you’re unsure about how to fill in your tax forms or what deductions you can apply, we’ve got that covered for you too. Our in-house tax experts are always available to answer your questions on company tax, personal tax, Goods and Services Tax and tax planning.

If you have a small company, you can outsource your HR department to our professional HR team. We’ll handle payroll services, CPF account opening, administrative services and data protection services.

When you’ve invented something unique to your brand, you’ll want to trademark it to distinguish it from competitors. Our trademarking services help you register your trademark.

Affordable prices

We keep all our prices competitive and affordable. For bookkeeping, monthly prices start at $100 a month, quarterly prices start at $300 per quarter and yearly bookkeeping starts at $300 per year.

However, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all package for our clients. If you have any other concerns about our service fees, be sure to contact us to find out more.

5-star reviews and positive reviews

Our high reviews and positive testimonials from customers are testaments to our services. Not only are we one of the few accounting firms in Singapore with a perfect 5-star review on Google, but we’ve also had a 99% renewal rate for our corporate services.

Some of our esteemed clients include Night Owl Cinematics, Anytime Fitness, Roadbull, Burger King and Domino’s, just to name a few.

We’ve also been featured on several websites such as Best in SingaporeSingapore’s Finest and Three Best Rated for our exemplary work. 

Perks from partners

When you work with us, you’ll also get perks from our partners, one of them being Aspire Banking. Create an Aspire Business Account using this link and you’ll enjoy zero monthly fees, no minimum deposit and no transfer fees.  

Free quote for entrepreneurs

At Margin Wheeler, we strive to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients by helping them realise their ambitions. We hope to achieve maximum success with minimum stress for all parties involved.

For first-timers, we’ve got a free quote for you to enjoy. All you’ve got to do is fill in your company and contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

To chat with us, you can also contact us via our live Whatsapp Chat available on our homepage, or simply leave us a message. We’re looking forward to an exciting partnership with you!