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Our team of experienced accountants can efficiently compile your annual accounts for submission to ACRA and IRAS.With our expertise in maintaining a well-organised accounting system, we enable you to effectively manage your accounts while minimising costs.

In accordance with the Singapore Companies Act, all registered companies must maintain proper books of accounts. Margin Wheeler provides comprehensive accounting services for companies looking to outsource their bookkeeping needs.

Benefits of our Bookkeeping Service

The benefits of our bookkeeping service are numerous and essential for your business's financial health includes:

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Professional Services

Our professional accounting services are tailored to meet your recurring needs, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Full Set of Accounting

A full set of accounts includes financial statements, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, bank reconciliations, and trade debtor and creditor listings.


With our expertise, we thoroughly examine your bookkeeping, uncover discrepancies, and ensure accuracy and integrity.

Financial Statements

We provide financial statement preparation for various business levels and handle GST calculation and submission if applicable.

Information required for our Bookkeeping Service

To ensure utmost accuracy in company accounts, we request the following information:


  • Sales Invoices (including unpaid) or Sales Report (with details)
  • Supplier Invoices (including unpaid) or Expenses Report (with details)
  • Delivery Order/Bill or Lading/Service Report (if applicable)
  • Expenses & Receipts


  • Bank Statements with transaction details
  • Cheque Stubs
  • Cash Deposit bank-in slips


  • Petty Cash & Payment Vouchers
  • Salary Vouchers and/or Payroll Summary
    (including casual labour, cleaners & part-timers)
  • CPF Statements & Foreign Worker Levies
    (if applicable)


  • Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Subcontractor Listing
  • Commission Paid

Let our experts handle the compilation of your
yearly accounts for submission to ACRA and IRAS.

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Monthly Accounting

Starts from S$100 per month

Quarterly Accounting

Starts from S$270 per quarter

Yearly Accounting

Starts from S$200 per year

Upon engagement of our service, we can arrange for a courier to collect the documents from you absolutely free-of-charge!

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Past your Financial Year?

For companies beyond their initial financial year, the following documents are necessary for our review and processing:

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  • Previous Year Financial Statements (Unaudited / Audited)
  • Previous Year Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Debtor Aging Listing (Detailed), Creditor Aging Listing (Detailed) and Bank Reconciliations
  • Previous Year Fixed Assets Schedule, Accrual Schedule, Prepayment Schedule, Deposit Schedule, Work-In-Progress (WIP) Schedule, Hire Purchase Schedule and Loan Schedule

Upon engagement of our service, we can arrange for a courier to collect the documents from you absolutely free-of-charge!

Accounting Services Caculator

Enter your number of transactions per month (on average) to calculate your cost.

Financial Report and Tax Computation Service Calculator

Enter the number of transactions per year to calculate your cost.

*Fees exclude out-of-pocket expenses (S$30) and disbursement for Filing of Annual Returns (S$60)

The fees are a guideline and may differ from final quoted fee. Final fee will also depend on neatness, supporting documents, deadline and total man hours utilised.