Why do I need Singapore Accounting Services?


Companies must comply with Singapore accounting requirements upon incorporation. From determining a company’s business cycle to keeping proper accounts and records of all transactions, there is an extensive list of requirements to maintain an account in competitive environments. It is thus urged that all Singapore companies engage the services of an accredited accounting firm like Margin Wheeler to ensure compliance with the Singapore Accounting Standards and Companies Act.


An outsourced accounting firm value adds and commits to providing businesses in Singapore with accounting services at reduced costs. Armed with expertise in the field, the responsibility of producing accurate and timely financial reporting is taken on by these accounting firms. This saves business owners valuable time that can be diverted to business advancements.


At Margin Wheeler, we practice good accounting and bookkeeping as stipulated in the Singapore Companies Act, so that business owners can focus on growing their businesses. Our team of accountants adds value to your business in Singapore with accounting services that include, but not limited to:

  • Full professional accounting services
  • Close accounts on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Bookkeeping for timely updates and compilation of your annual accounts for submission to ACRA and IRAS
  • Cloud Accounting that takes your accounting operations to the Cloud for easy management of at any time
  • Preparation of financial statements that complies with ACRA and IRAS’s statutory requirements
  • GST calculation, submission, and reporting to the IRAS
  • Corporate secretarial services that include XBRL filing with accurate information that meet the high standards required for submission to ACRA
  • Onsite Accounting


Margin Wheeler adds value to your business in Singapore and its management solutions with reliable yet affordable accounting services and advisory. Our team of accountants keeps accurate records of your transactions and take charge of your needs. A trusted and consistent corporate firm in Singapore, we keep all information regarding your business confidential. For more information regarding our accounting or corporate services, contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting Services In Singapore

An important aspect of accounting services lies in keeping proper records of the company’s incoming and outgoing transactions such as invoices, purchases, receipts, claims and other such activity. This information gives a clear indicator of the company’s financial health; and complements Singapore’s accounting regulations, such as the filing of GST returns and preparation of compliant financial statements. By the end of an accounting period, reports are generated for the director’s review and approval.

From the quality of your current bookkeeping methodologies and accounting system to the experience of the accountant, several factors influence the asking fee. Designed to save in productivity costs by eliminating benefit packages of employees while hyper-focusing on actual accounting, engaging in outsourced accounting services is a viable and valuable option to consider if businesses are seeking to cut costs without compromising on bookkeeping efficiency.

Outsourcing your business’s accounting service is often cost-efficient and provides greater value than hiring an in-house accountant to handle these financial functions. When you outsource, you enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced team and gain access to expertise you may not be able to afford otherwise, even outside of working hours. In Singapore’s competitive economy, it is easy to find value-for-money accounting services that help you undertake this function. Margin Wheeler adds value to your business in Singapore by providing professional accounting services at competitive rates. Our team of experienced accountants will help you manage core financial functions such as providing a full suite of professional accounting services.