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Cloud Accounting

Managing all business tasks in-house can be overwhelming for startups and small businesses, especially when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Cloud accounting services provide a practical solution to streamline operations.

Cloud accounting simplifies accounting tasks, allowing businesses to perform activities like invoicing, receipt management, purchase orders, and payments without the need for extensive accounting knowledge.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

These are some advantages you will experience with the use of Cloud Accounting Software:

Access Anywhere

Access and update your business information anytime, anywhere, transcending time and geographical limitations.

Data Automation

Cloud accounting eliminates the need for expensive desktop or computer hardware by eliminating data storage, entry, and management requirements.

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Centralised Ledger

By maintaining a single ledger in the cloud, you can ensure data accuracy, minimize errors at the Balance Sheet and tax levels, and reduce the risk of non-compliance with tax regulations in Singapore.

Reduce Cost

An online accounting system eliminates the need for technical personnel, reducing expenses and boosting profit margins.

Real Time

Cloud accounting enables real-time collaboration with overseas accountants, eliminating the need for frequent data file exchanges.

Software Maintenance

Cloud accounting software is automatically updated by the service provider on their server, eliminating the need for manual downloads like desktop applications.

Stay ahead of the curve with top of the line accounting operations Now!

We require both the signed scanned and Word copy of the full set financial statements to to assist you with XBRL Filing.

Accounting Services Caculator

Enter your number of transactions per month (on average) to calculate your cost.

Financial Report and Tax Computation Service Calculator

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*Fees exclude out-of-pocket expenses (S$30) and disbursement for Filing of Annual Returns (S$60)

The fees are a guideline and may differ from final quoted fee. Final fee will also depend on neatness, supporting documents, deadline and total man hours utilised.