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Data Protection

Margin Wheeler offers comprehensive administrative services for your company, including proper bookkeeping in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Singapore Companies Act.

Efficient bookkeeping plays a crucial role in business operations. By maintaining accurate and well-organised financial records, companies can ensure long-term operational efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Protection Service

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Reduce Cost

Outsourcing to Margin Wheeler eliminates the need for staff training and full-time hires, allowing your team to concentrate on their strengths.


Our certified DPO has undergone extensive and costly Data Protection Courses, saving you valuable time and resources.


We receive real-time updates from PDPC on new DPO requirements/changes, ensuring we stay well-informed about the latest developments.


Stay informed about essential actions by keeping an eye out for our newsletters, where we share updates on new requirements.

How can we help?

Upon taking up our administrative services, we provide the following:

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  • Consultation - Arrange a complimentary session with us. We will assess your company’s requirements and advise you on the processes required.
  • On-site analysis - Once engaged, our consultants will visit your premises to assist your DPO to do an on-site gap analysis.
  • PDPA Manuals and Policies - We will help your DPO in the creation of the various policies and processes that will ensure your company’s compliancewith PDPC. We also tailor these policies and processes to meet your organisations unique needs.

Leave these preparation to us! Engage in our Data Protection Service starting from S$600!

*Fees are subjected to increase according to the complexity of work.