Why Do I Need Your Payroll Services?

The preparation of payroll and payment of salaries to employees is one of the most important tasks of a business.

Additional components such as benefits, allowances, deductions, and government remittance also add to the complexity and lengthiness of the process. It is no surprise that many SMEs choose to outsource their payroll function to accounting firms.

Our payroll specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced payroll systems to process even the most complex payroll account.

Our service ensures that government remittances such as CPF contributions are paid on time, tax filing requirements are followed and payroll information is kept confidential at offsite facilities.

How Does Your Payroll Service Work?

When you engage Margin Wheeler’s Payroll Service, you will be assigned a payroll officer who will personally work with you on your payroll needs.

Based on the necessary information and documents submitted, your payroll officer will create and maintain your payroll ledger. The payroll officer will also, per your instruction, make salary payments and submit all necessary payroll taxes.

What's Included In Our Service?

  • Salary calculation based on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods
  • Salary Voucher to employees
  • Central Provident Funds (CPF) registration and timely monthly payment
  • Issuance of Form IR8A for personal tax filing

Engage Our Service

Our extremely affordable Monthly Payroll Service starts at $50 per employee.

We also offer CPF Registration at $100 and Preparation of IR8A at $20 per employee.

Enjoy FREE Monthly CPF e-Submission when you take up our Monthly Payroll Service.

Lead Time For Service

Case-by-Case Basis - Let's talk!

Compliance with Local Laws

Why do you need a Corporate Secretary?

Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50 requires ALL Singapore Companies to appoint a Singapore Company Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters.

Corporate Secretary Services

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