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From 1 August 2015, SGX-listed companies must use poll voting for resolutions during general meetings and appoint at least one scrutineer.

These changes were introduced to enhance corporate governance by promoting transparency and encouraging greater shareholder participation during general meetings.

Duties of a Scrutineer

Margin Wheeler can serve as an independent scrutineer to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our appointed scrutineer will verify voting procedures and adherence to Singapore Exchange guidelines for polling at general meetings.

Margin Wheeler Background
  • The duties of the appointed scrutineer are to ensure that satisfactory procedures of the voting process are in place before the general meeting and to direct and supervise the count of the votes cast through proxy and in person.
  • The appointed scrutineer(s) should be independent of the persons undertaking the polling process.
  • In the event that the appointed scrutineer is interested in the resolution(s) to be passed at the general meeting, it should refrain from acting as the scrutineer for such resolution(s).

Information required for Scrutineer Service

To obtain an accurate quotation for our scrutineer services, we typically require specific information. This includes:

Proposed time and date of the general meeting

Estimate duration of the general meeting

Estimate attendees of the general meeting

Physical or virtual meeting

Let our experts handle and safeguard the integrity of your general meeting.

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