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Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is essential for efficient business and financial management. Taxes are a constant expense that should be minimised to optimise earnings.

With effective tax planning, identify savings opportunities to optimize your tax payments. These savings can lead to substantial long-term benefits.

Business Structures

Different business forms are eligible for different tax rates, reliefs, rules, and exemptions. By having a deep understanding of these different tax rules, you will be able to optimise your tax obligations efficiently.

In Singapore, a business can be structured into the following forms:

Our Analysis Service

Margin Wheeler offers professional tax planning services to navigate the complex and ever-changing tax rules.

Unsure if tax planning applies to you? Provide the required documents for a free analysis. Charges for tax planning services only apply if deemed relevant to you and your businesses.

Here are the documents required:

Margin Wheeler Background
  • Your Personal’s latest Notice of Assessment
  • Your Company’s / Companies’ latest Notice of Assessment
  • Your Company’s / Companies’ latest management accounts
  • Your Companies’ Group Structure (if applicable)

Let us help you with your Tax Planning From S$300 with a FREE Analysis now!