Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50, requires ALL Singapore Companies to appoint a Singapore Company Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters. As a value add, a corporate secretary acts as the primary body responsible for administrative functions and documentation work, a company is mandated to adhere. ACRA strictly specifies the importance of appointing a company secretary or engaging the services of a corporate secretary service provider in Singapore within six months of company incorporation.


The company secretary or secretarial firm’s services engaged must be a resident or based in Singapore. Though a company’s director can bring value by acting as a corporate secretary, for clearer distinctions of job prospects, engaging the help of a company secretary will work in favor of business productivity and ensure legal compliance albeit cheap service charges. This is where Margin Wheeler and our corporate secretary services come in.

Cheap Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Our team of experts brings value to your company with our secretary services available to the masses in Singapore. Our annual fee of $500 is a value for money company secretary service given the competitive industry. With no hidden fine prints and backhanded cheap tactics, our top-notch corporate secretary services remain unrivaled in Singapore.


At Margin Wheeler we understand all the needs of clients and value their business missions, thus providing an expansive list of company secretary services in Singapore that include:

  • Disbursement to ACRA for Appointment of Named Secretary
  • Provision of a Corporate Secretary / Secretarial Agent for your company in Singapore
  • Company Share Certificates
  • First Board Meeting Resolutions
  • Facilitating the opening of Bank Account
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers and Minute Books
  • Maintenance of Register of Registrable Controllers & Nominee Directors (ACRA requirement as of May 2017)
  • Preparations of Minutes For AGM
  • Drafting of Director’s Resolutions (Chargeable depending on the complexity of the resolution requested)
  • Unlimited Professional Consultation on Corporate Secretarial Issues
  • Free Courier Service for Signing of Corporate Secretary Documents
  • Timely Updates on Developments in Compliance Regulations
  • Auto Filing Reminders
  • Exclusive Relationship Manager attached to each Company.

Required Documents

The following documents are required when you engage in company secretary services in Singapore and have us assume responsibilities as your Company Secretary:

  • Business Profile of Company (Provided by ACRA)
  • Photocopy of Identification (NRIC / Passport) of all Directors and Shareholders
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

These documents can be submitted via our system, after which we will proceed with the drafting of relevant resolutions to appoint the Company Secretary for your enterprise in Singapore.

Once the necessary paperwork has been prepared, the official signing of documents can be done at your preferred timing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Secretary Services In Singapore

A corporate secretary’s functions consist mainly of administrative duties and statutory obligations. One major aspect is to maintain and update the statutory registers of a company and comply with its constitution, while ensuring accounts are properly prepared and filed. Beyond these core duties and responsibilities, a company secretary takes on multiple roles within the company - from administrative to advisory to fiduciary roles, their duties are far-reaching. Therefore, it is important to appoint the right person when incorporating your business in Singapore. You may also engage a professional services firm to undertake this essential role.

There might be several valid reasons for a company to contemplate a change in its corporate secretary. Should a company need to exit its secretary and engage the services of a new one, the change can be done in a few steps. First, FORM 45B, The Consent to Act as Secretary should be signed by the new secretary to demonstrate consent in taking up the position. There should also be a Directors’ Resolutions in Writing (DRIW) recording the resignation of the former corporate secretary and the appointment of their replacement, as well as a resignation letter of the previous secretary. And finally, a lodgment must be prepared to inform ACRA about this resignation and appointment.

Many businesses opt to outsource the functions of a corporate secretary because it is cost-effective and convenient. At Margin Wheeler, our team of experts will perform your company’s corporate secretarial duties for you. There is also a wide range of complementary services such as professional consultation on corporate secretarial issues and auto filing reminders. Given that it is common for ACRA to issue thousands of summons to companies that have violated or failed to comply with the statutory obligations under the Companies Act, engaging in such services ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Engage Our Service

You can now have us as your Singapore Corporate Secretary for just S$500 yearly!


Opt for 2 Years of Service for $960 (save $40) or 3 Years of Service for $1400 (save $100).

Lead Time For Service

1-2 Working Days upon receipt of all relevant information, subject to ACRA approval.

Compliance with Local Laws

Why do you need a Corporate Secretary?

Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50 requires ALL Singapore Companies to appoint a Singapore Company Secretary to handle on-going statutory compliance matters.

Corporate Secretary Services

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